More than a general contractor, Covico inc offers a complete service that will meet your highest expectations.

While we specialize in building stores, chains, franchises and restaurants, we also take pleasure in serving the following clients;



Industrial Renovations

New Residential

There are no small clients with us, and there are no small projects. What is important to us is your entire satisfaction.

Respecting the cost and time estimates of your construction work is very important to us. In order to help us set realistic objectives and in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we are able to offer professional advice, direction and logistics in order to achieve your objectives, accelerate construction and lower costs. We can also provide a Gant diagram schedule.

Count on us for all kind of work, executed according to your plans.

General Construction

Custom Woodwork


Structural Work

Mechanical Systems

Finishing Touches




Site Inspections


Electrical Work


Disaster Recovery

Building Inspections

Project Management

Wall Construction

When we work, we ensure that every applicable rule or regulation that applies to the building is followed. We handle permit requests and coordinate with the fire safety department.

If you like, we can offer you a turn-key solution and handle everything. We can also build custom furniture, buy non-standard equipment and meet any other special request.

Our warehouse and our warehousing service allow us to deliver equipment and materials in real-time, which will allow you to save time and money on the construction site.

Take advantage of our expertise and of Covico’s service to achieve your goals!